Ukrainian Air Assault Forces Airborne Paratroopers T-shirt

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Introducing the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces T-shirt, a tribute to the elite airborne forces of Ukraine. Known in Ukrainian as Десантно-штурмові війська України (Desantno-shturmovi viiska Ukrainy), and abbreviated as DShV or AAFU, these forces are celebrated for their high mobility and combat readiness.


  • Material: Made with 100% cotton for ultimate comfort and durability.
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  • Size S: Length 28", Width 18"
  • Size M: Length 29", Width 20"
  • Size L: Length 30", Width 22"
  • Size XL: Length 31", Width 24"
  • Size 2XL: Length 32", Width 26"
  • Size 3XL: Length 33", Width 28"
  • Size 4XL: Length 34", Width 30"
  • Size 5XL: Length 35", Width 32"

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Show your support for the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces by wearing this premium T-shirt. Satisfaction guaranteed!

The Ukrainian Air Assault Forces (Ukrainian: Десантно-штурмові війська України, romanized: Desantno-shturmovi viiska Ukrainy), abbreviated as DShV or AAFU, are the airborne forces of Ukraine. Formed after the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, several Ukraine-based units from the Soviet Airborne Forces were integrated into the newly created Ukrainian Ground Forces. In 2016, they became a separate branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Known for their constant combat readiness and high mobility, the Air Assault Forces are responsible for air assaults and military parachuting operations. Before the Russo-Ukrainian War, they were also the main forces deployed by Ukraine for peacekeeping missions worldwide. The Ukrainian Air Assault Forces are considered the elite of Ukraine's armed forces.

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