Israel Defense Forces IDF Duvdevan Unit 217 T-shirt

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Introducing the Unit 217 Duvdevan T-shirt, a premium tribute to the elite undercover mistaʽaravim unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Known as "Duvdevan" (Hebrew: דובדבן, lit. 'cherry'), this unit is celebrated for its exceptional undercover operations and bravery in high-risk missions.


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Show your support for Unit 217 Duvdevan by wearing this premium T-shirt. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Unit 217, Duvdevan (Hebrew: דובדבן, lit. 'cherry'), is a distinguished mistaʽaravim unit in the Commando Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This elite unit is renowned for its undercover operations in urban areas, where operatives often disguise themselves in civilian clothing to blend in with the local Arab populace. Known for its advanced training in both human and mechanical counter-surveillance, Unit 217 executes high-risk and complex operations, including targeted killings of militants and other classified missions in Arab regions.


Established in June 1986 by the IDF to address security events in the West Bank, particularly in densely populated civilian areas, Unit 217 has a storied operational history. During the 2015–2016 violence wave, the unit played a crucial role in the arrests of the killers of Eitam and Naʽama Henkin, Hafna Meir, and Rabbi Yaʽakov Littman and his son. For its outstanding performance during this period, Unit 217 was honored with the Israeli Chief of Staff citation.

Order your Unit 217 Duvdevan T-shirt today and wear a piece of military history. Perfect for military enthusiasts, veterans, and supporters of elite IDF units.

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