3 Commando Lovers Hoodie - Rhodesian Light Infantry Tribute

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Embrace the legacy of 3 Commando, known affectionately as "the Lovers" or "the green machine," with this unique hoodie. The nickname "Lovers" originated from the soldiers' off-duty popularity among the young women of Salisbury in the mid-1960s. This reputation led to the iconic design of the Commando emblem—a numeral "3" on a banana, with the word "Lovers" above and "Commando" below, all displayed on a green shield.

Printed on a comfortable, casual look hooded sweatshirt, this garment combines style with history. The hoodie features a graphic of 3 Commando's emblem, paying tribute to the unit's rich heritage and unconventional spirit.

Made with quality materials, this hoodie offers both comfort and durability. It's perfect for everyday wear and is sure to become a conversation starter among military history enthusiasts and fans of unique fashion alike.

Available in a range of sizes, finding your perfect fit is easy. Just refer to our size chart below:

  • Size S: Length 28", Width 21"
  • Size M: Length 29", Width 22"
  • Size L: Length 30", Width 24"
  • Size XL: Length 31", Width 26"
  • Size 2XL: Length 32", Width 28"
  • Size 3XL: Length 33", Width 30"
  • Size 4XL: Length 34", Width 32"
  • Size 5XL: Length 35", Width 34"

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Show your respect for 3 Commando's unique history and style with this comfortable and stylish hoodie. Order yours today!